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Thesaurus / Synonyms Database contains 162,076 records. Some words contain Antonyms.

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Are you owned a Dictionary/Synonym Website and need a database for it?. You are in the right place.

This is Thesaurus / Synonyms Database contains 129,434 records. Some words contain Antonyms. You can get all of them with very cheap price. Antonyms / Synonyms are delimited by commas.
You can use this database for your dictionary websites, synonym search engine, or article spinning service,…

What will you Get?

File: Synonym Database (synonym.sql)

Size: ~300MB

Format: MySQL

Demo: Download

Table Schema Database Field Statistics

Field Records Percent Type Comment
id 162,076 100% int(11) Unique Identifier.
word 162,076 100% varchar(255) Word or phrase.
type 162,076 100% varchar(255) Type of word (noun, verb,..).
synonym 162,076 100% text Synonyms of this word.
antonym 7,979 4,92% text Antonyms of this word.


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