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Full Lyrics Database contains 1.655.814 lyrics records, plus 176.353 artist records (images are included).

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This huge lyrics database can be used for your lyrics-related website, application or for your research. We try to provide quality information for you to build your success business, so you will love this dataset.

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File: Lyrics, Artists information with images

Size: 4.4GB

Format: Mongodb

Demo: Download (without images)

Collection Info and Statistics

1. Collection: artists

Field Records Percent Type Comment
_id 176.353 100% Mongodb ObjectID Unique Identifier.
name 176.353 100% String Name of artist.
image 127.219 72.14% String Path of artist image. (Folder: artist_imgs)
bio 78.092 44.28% String Biography of artist (HTML format).

2. Collection: lyrics

Field Records Percent Type Comment
_id 1.655.814 100% Mongodb ObjectId Unique Identifier.
title 1.655.814 100% String Song title
artist 1.655.367 99.99% String Song artist
keywords 1.655.762 99.99% String Song keywords (comma separate)
image 54.412 3.3% String Path of lyrics image. (Folder: lyric_imgs)
lyrics 1.621.768 97.94% String Song lyrics
album 1.610.800 97.28% String Name of Album
album_img 113.511 6.86% String Path of album image. (Folder: album_imgs)

How to Import mongodb database

Option 1: Import all collection

mongorestore <database_folder_path>

Option 2: Import collection one by one

mongorestore --db=lydata --collection=lyrics <your_path>/lyrics.bson
mongorestore --db=lydata --collection=artists <your_path>/artists.bson

What is the price?

You can get this with only: $1199 (~0.0006$ per record)

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You may need this dataset in other formats. Currently, the database formats that we support are: MySQL, Mongodb, CSV. PLease contact us via email: [email protected] for more detail. Note that an additional fee may apply.